The Wasp and The Web


Yesterday like today and tomorrow I took a moment to gaze at the world outside my window. The morning light illuminating the Autumn abstraction of the last chapter of the leaves on the trees. A wonderful painting.

As I was about to take leave of the moment my eyes were drawn to the bottom left corner of my window where a wasp had found itself suspended in the air held in submission by the elegant threads of a newly formed spiders web.

I watched as it wrestled with the rope. I watched as it tried and tried and tried  to free itself with its wings at full speed hoping to create enough momentum to snap the silk chord.

Thoughts began to flash across my mind. Thoughts of how the little terrorist has met its match. Thoughts of how the spider  has outwitted the assassin. I wondered if it might be able to escape. Would the technical design of the wasp be able to defeat the technical design of the web?

How long would the Wasp be able to fight for before it ran out of fuel.

We watched together my good lady and I.

I pondered about the spider and the design of life and the natural order of things.

And then I saw the Wasp stop fighting and the moment of surrender.

An air or resignation came across the mini beast. A sadness. I felt it realise it’s reality. Trapped and tired and unable to see its way out.

And I saw myself in the Wasp. I knew that feeling. I saw my daughter in a possible future conundrum in the creation before me and felt the loneliness of its frustration. I saw how hard it was trying to change its future but that it couldn’t do it alone.

And then just before my good lady asked me what I was going to do I realised that I had humanised its predicament perhaps stupidly but that I felt complete an overwhelming compassion for the Wasp and that I had a choice to help it. But the spider had a right to the victims of its web  and I perhaps no right to interfere.

I pondered a second more and thought is the choice to free it from the web just a choice to make myself feel good about myself? Like a positive notification for a social media transaction or is this something else.

Then my heart sort of seemed to rush a bit and I knew a knowing from a deep place that if this was me now in this super realness of the moment that I could do nothing else but to help this little soul  knowing how much I had benefitted from the help of those who had chosen to help me when I was caught in a web. I could only help. Any thing else would be inauthentic to me.Any other action would simply deny the help others had given to me. I knew by helping this Wasp I would deny the spider and maybe unleash a sting to another someplace somewhere sometime but if I never lived a moment more,if all we have is here and that there is only the now my heart could not leave this scene without the Wasp flying free.

So I opened the window and cut away the web until the Wasp was unleashed. Having realised its new reality the Wasp paused for a while on the red brick of the wall beside the window and took what felt like a breath and flew away with a whisp of web attached to its body.

I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do but I realised how much help I had received in life and how grateful I am for it and I’m grateful to the Wasp and the Web for showing me that.


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The Shadow And The Sun

imageBlaming someone or something else for our frustration or situation is like blaming the sun for shade.

Ultimately in life there will be occasions where someone or something steps into our light casting us into their shade.

One can blame the sun or one could blame the being or object that has stolen your light but you my friend have the choice to step outside the shade back into the light either on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

You may think you might move the being or object somewhere else so as not to shade your area and maybe if you dig it up or take it down and put it elsewhere you’d have your light back but some objects or beings have their roots firmly anchored and you may not be able to shift it out of is position. And if you did shift it because the sun will always shine even the moveable will cast a shadow somewhere.

Life is like the sun and you are life therefore you are also the sun. Like you it moves, dances and reveals and hides. What you shine upon will cast a shadow.

Whatever object or being causes you to be in the shade can be freed from its shadow by the sun, by you,as it moves and switches its power and attention elsewhere.

Like the sun you blaze upon all you meet and interact with. You have the power to warm or scorch. You have the power to cast a shadow and to lift all in your ambient warmth.

Like the sun you may have quiet periods of solar activity and then chapters in which you rage your energy towards something.

You are the sun, you are the shadow,you are the one who stands in the shade and the one who chooses to step out of the shadow back into the light.

In a fable the wind and the sun had a competition to see who could get a man who was wearing a coat to take it off. The wind blew in all its power it possessed yet the man gripped his coat tighter to him. The sun shone in all its power and the man simply took his coat off as he warmed in its glory.

We all have the power to soothe and scorch. But as we are what we are we are in need of each other like life needs the sun and like life needs the shade. We balance on the edge like a spinning plate blessed and cursed by the motion and energy which bought its movement into life and which without it we would simply fall and smash into a thousand pieces.

We are the sun and like our star above we will reach a point of magnitude and awareness and we will become supernova.

Until then.

Until then we are together for however long forever is. You and I. Sun and Sky. Shadow and silhouette. The Wildlight.





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The Dandy Lion


A long time ago in the future there was an area of land called Aktion. We might call it a country. Aktion was a beautiful land surrounded by a beautiful ocean not that the people of Aktion ever took the time to notice their surroundings. They were all too busy doing and being busy under a cloud of grey.

Now in this fair land lived a youth. We’d say he was in his early twenties. He had no name but he was mockingly known as The Dandy Lion by the people of Aktion for he unlike the others was not busy doing. He was in their opinion a waste of space wasting time and using up air talking about his dreams and ideas and what he was going to do one day.

It was custom in the land of Aktion that if one was to meet another one. The ones must spend at least ten of what we’d call minutes telling the other what one had been doing. This was an order from the Aktion Council and it’s purpose was to motivate the people into doing.

It was a fine morning that Roland and Matilda a married pair set out on their way. To get to where they were doing they had to take the coastal path and it was upon the cliffs they saw the one called The Dandy Lion approaching.

Roland and Matilda both uttered word clouds of junk disappointment at the sight of The Dandy Lion approaching as they knew they’d have to talk to him for ten minutes as was directed by The Council.

‘Good day to you both’ enthused The Dandy Lion. ‘To where are you doing?’

Roland and Matilda both began talking in a robotic annoyed manner.

‘We are doing what we do, as we all do, we are taking daily action as action gives value to who we are and we collect the tokens to show we have been doing well’.

‘Fabulous’ replied The Dandy Lion.

And as was custom it was now the turn of Roland and Matilda to ask in return.

‘To where are you doing?’ They asked in a grey dulled judging manner.

‘Today as everyday I have been feeling who I am and what I am to be. Today I have been feeling in the moment what I’ll be in the next when I’m grown up’.

Roland and Matilda rolled the eyes to each other and thought out loud in critical way and in doing so they sighed some greyness into the air.

‘I will grow to be gardener and spend my time sculpting the space I reside in,talking to the flowers and shrubs and trees and arranging them into a dream and then when I have had that moment I will grow into a painter and fill many a blank page with all the images I see and imagine and I shall breathe in every colour and from my heart make a million paintings’.

The married pair scratched their hands in a bored way and twitched and sighed some more grey into the air.

‘And then I will have another moment and I shall sail the ocean to different lands and I shall be at the mercy of the elements and be free with the midnight blue and the depth of the sky and sea and fill my pockets with memories and I’ll take a hot air balloon and take other people to visit the lands I’ve experienced’.

Roland and Matilda again thought some negative thoughts and judgments and looked at their watches.

‘And then finally I will in my next moment walk to the horizon and then to the next one and to the next one and to the next one and collect recipes from all the places I visit and prepare to be a great chef and will create great banquets for all’.

Roland and Matilda could tolerate no more and the two of them began to rant together in but out of tune.

‘You are doing nothing, you are never any use or good, you will never do any of what you say, you never have and nothing will come to you as you take no action and no action will come to you. Stupid Dandy Lion. Go away and do your nothing somewhere away. Stop stopping us from doing’.

With that the grey of their words darkened the sky.

‘Thank you for talking to me and I wish you well. Have a good doing. I must walk to my next moment now as the sky which was sunny has turned grey and I may not be able to see my way unless I can’.

And with that The Dandy Lion set on his way without offence or care.

The next morning as Roland and Matilda read the paper which told all of what doings had happened they came across an article which explained that a man had gone missing on the coastal path the previous day.

As they read on it became evident that it was The Dandy Lion who had lost his way in the grey air and had slipped and fallen to his goodbye.

As was custom in Aktion the last people to see someone who had said goodbye had to go to where the person had lived with the Inspector of Goodbyes to make an account of the life of one who had stopped and learn from that interaction.

And so it was that Roland and Matilda arrived at a small wooden abode with the Inspector.

‘This is the place we had expected someone like him wouldn’t live’ said Matilda. ‘Useless’ said Roland.

The Inspector who was different to the people of Aktion smiled and opened the door to the hut.

After an hour of listing The Dandy Lions items and criticising him. The pair looked to The Inspector and moaned

‘He has nothing of any use and we must be on our way to what we are doing, if only he did instead of dreamed he’d still be here’.

The Inspector smiled and replied that they were nearly done but that they had failed to notice the tin box in the corner of the room and as was custom as they were the last people to see the one who had said Goodbye they must check all items.

With a sigh Roland bent down and opened the tin box. Inside the box was a bundle of negatives with which one prints photographs. The Inspector took hold of the negatives and held them to the light of the window.

The light revealed images of The Dandy Lion gardening in a wonderful garden, images of him sailing foreign lands, images of him in a hot air balloon taking people on tour, images of him walking through the beautiful Aktion landscape and images of him creating fabulous banquets indeed there was an image for everything The Dandy Lion has said he would do yesterday to Roland and Matilda.

‘How!! How and how is this possible?, the pair asked, ‘he cannot of goodbyed if these negatives are positive, he must be here’.

The Inspector smiled and replied

‘He is here and he has Goodbyed.He has said Goodbye to you and to those who do not see him. These negatives are the future moments he was feeling and putting into motion and now he is here being what he felt you see but in a different level’.

Roland and Matilda were puzzled, scared and confused and protested loudly…

‘There are only three steps to the ladder of life, what was, what is and what rewards you get for doing. How can he be here if he didn’t do as we all do?’

The Inspector smiled and replied in a whisper…

‘There are many steps to the ladder of life my little friends follow me’…

The trio walked out of the hut and climbed a little hill to where a silver ladder stood. The ladder had as many steps as the eye could see.

‘Step up’ suggested The Inspector.

In a state of overwhelming intrigue and puzzlement Roland and Matilda started to climb the silver ladder up step 1,2,3,3,4,5,6,7,8,9….

As they climbed up and up they paused and looked out upon the land of  Aktion and saw past the grey clouds under which everybody was busy doing. They looked out and saw the beautiful ocean and beyond that far and distant lands and far past the horizon into the universe they caught sight of a hot air balloon.

And at the helm was The Dandy Lion who waved and painted a thank you into the sky.

‘You see my friends’,said The Inspector, ‘We are all dandelions. Here for a moment and then we turn into little seeds of ourselves ready to blown to the wind to find a new place to be and replenish. A dandelion doesn’t do it is merely being happy in what it is and what it knows it will become in the next’.

A moment later Roland and Matilda were in bed in a deep sleep.

They awoke the following mourning with a fresh feeling. Matilda looked to Roland on the way to where they were doing and asked Roland, ‘What are we doing?’.

Roland smiled and replied…

‘Today we are being’ and with that he plucked a dandelion clock from the grass and blew it into the breeze with a happier heart, safe in the new knowledge that they were possibly more than what they had been doing. And the dandelion seed landed on a lawn and settled in to the grass ready to become itself in the next moment.

The End/The Start


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The Art Of The Possible


If we are what we are what are we?

What can we be? Where could we go? What can we do?

Is there a glass ceiling to which we must all bow under like an abandoned post party helium balloon?

Or is the ceiling a construct of our own minds based upon what we have been told, believed and experienced?

Can one see past and break through ones own limits of perception?

Do we trap ourselves in a web of our own making?

Why is it a tree can grow on a rock?

If a child grew up away from society and the media and was told that anything was possible would possibility be different for them?

How do some seem to be able to achieve what they set their mind too whilst others repeat the same state of situation again and again and again.

Is there perhaps a currency,vibration or quality of thought which renders reality in a positive light for some and a darker shade for others?

One day my wife and I were at a restaurant. The waiter came over to us asked us what we’d like to drink. She ordered a lemon and ginger tea. A short while before the waiter came to take our order I had been pondering a peppermint tea.

I thought about it quite a bit, tried to taste it, thought about its implications on my mood, how it would go with the food, I flirted with that peppermint tea, I took it to the cinema, I introduced it to my  friends, and we hung out chasing butterflies in thought form together but ultimately we decided to call it a day and the peppermint tea and I went our separate ways and I ordered a glass of water. I must clarify here and now that my peppermint trip or my consideration of its minty ways was not spoken of to the waiter or my wife.

Later towards the end of our meal my Queen took her first sip from the glass vessel.She looked momentarily confused and asked me to taste the tea as it didn’t taste like the normal lemon and ginger tea she had come to know and love.

To my astonishment the flavour which revealed itself was peppermint…

Maybe I imagined it, maybe I said something about peppermint and didn’t realise I had, maybe my wife who had ordered the peppery concoction without me hearing her or her remembering, maybe it was just a coincidence, maybe I really wanted that tea and didn’t know it, or maybe the tea wanted me.

Maybe life is a force we conduct but we know not how we conduct it.

We are in the auditorium. We have the suit on, and the conducting baton in our hand.Our friends and family are in their seats.We can read the notes on the score but we haven’t heard it yet and we haven’t met the orchestra or the singers who are going to perform it

What does the conductor do?

He feels it.

They play it, they hear it, but he feels it.

Thoughts then go like this.

The ill may not be able to become healthy. The poor may not be able to get rich. And the inevitable may be unavoidable. What if it’s not though? What if you could? What if you can?

What if you put yourself under the microscope and gave yourself a proper examination of why, when and how you do things or act a certain way or do a certain thing. Would the possible change?

Would the possibility of what is possible change?

Could you paint with it?

Before then is now.

Blank paper needs an idea.






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The Circus


On Saturday The Circus was in town.

Dot and I legged it across the field to make the 2pm kick off, bought the tickets and slipped through an opening in the tent. I was temporarily blinded by the dark and sense of anticipation until I realised a man on my left dressed in old military style clobber was asking to see my tickets. He gave them a rip and then pointed to some seats.

One can sometimes forget in these days of Hollywood effects that it is actually spectacular to see someone walk on a piece of rope whilst juggling with fire or to see a man balance a heavy metal bar on his head whilst his Mrs climbs up the bar and does spins and some out there body bending.

As tricks were being performed I looked around the room at the other circus workers who would one minute be taking the strain of a rope and then handing over props to the  performers and then they would be onstage themselves, and then selling hot-dogs!

Total team work. Total commitment. Total dedication to the task and to the show.

There were moments of the most beautiful humanity. The impressed look the fiance gave to the tightrope walker as she threw him another plate to balance. The banshee whoop of freedom the trapeze artist threw out to the room as she was in the act of nailing her next move. The look of slight disappointment the daft clown gave to the sensible clown as it became clear the halftime sales of food and toys weren’t going to quite be what they had hoped for and the elegance in the way in which the sensible clown held the whole show and circus family together.

I wanted to go behind the curtain and see. I wanted to tell them they were all amazing and that what they were doing was beautiful and necessary and that the slight lack of sales was no reflection on them but I knew they would already know that.

I felt a connection with that family of performers who had spent their lives mastering a skill. I thought long and hard about the similarities between the performers and the circus and the world of music in which I inhabit.

These blog’s have been an attempt to communicate the fleeting thoughts occupying my mind whilst we have been behind the curtain colouring songs in.

The album is now at mix stage and I’m writing new songs and we’re dreaming it all up again and getting ready to put on our show so I’ll leave this current series of blogs with a few thoughts from the thought machine on The Circus of Life.

If you want to join The Circus you have to run away with The Circus. You can’t do it on your day off, not really. You have to leave all that behind and run away with it. Surrender yourself to the idea. Say goodbye to comfort, put on the face paint and spin the plates.

You may be the greatest juggler or the best strong man, or the most famous tightrope walker but you are nobody without your team. Those that tie the ropes, hand you the juggling balls, and put flyers in shops and on telegraph poles are the people who allow you to do what you want to do. Never lose sight of that. Only work with the right team though. Time is too short and your instinct is always correct.

Always put the show on even if it hurts, even when you’re tired, angry or upset. Always turn the light on when you are doing anything in relation to the show. The show must and does and will go on.

You have to wait for the tent to be erected, for ropes to be tied, lights to be turned on and for everyone to get their costumes on before you can start the show so whilst your waiting…………… Do something and try to be graceful whilst your waiting. Time takes time.

Have faith. Build it and they might come. If no-one claps maybe think about why. Give everything you have and finally remember a clown needs an audience as much as an audience needs a clown.

Elijah x

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The Truth is Out There


I was in court today. I was there to support a venue that I play at regularly whose license was being reviewed. The owner of the venue has supported me and my music since day one and I love him.

In court the police gave their version of the truth, the lawyer representing the venue gave their version of the truth and I had elected to speak in support of the venue and gave my  truth as did others.

The decision makers heard everybody and then scuttled away to give a verdict. The verdict was that the venue was allowed to stay open. Result!

As I listened I became aware that one of the opposing forces was not being truthful. Their version of the truth was intoxicated in order to create a different result. Freedom of speech dictates that the actual truth is not always being spoken it’s being manipulated or coated or withheld.

This got me thinking about other matters….

Somebody paints a picture. They phone you and tell you it’s the greatest thing they have ever done and is going to be seen by the world as a masterpiece. Could you please have a look. They would like to hear your thoughts.

You have a look but you don’t think it is as good as they think it is. It’s not really your cup of tea yet you recognise it is a painting so it meets that criteria. You recognise that it has some merit to it. It’s not bad but it doesn’t make your heart beat faster.

You are now required to reply to the painter out of manners.

What do you say?

Do you tell them the whole truth of what your thoughts are? Do you say well done and avoid your truth? Do you choose to pick the positive aspects aware that they are seeking some blessing or approval from you?

Does that kind of truth even matter? Is it your responsibility to point out the weaknesses you see in the painting if the painter has already convinced themselves of their truth and they are on a path of self-expression which you support as you see that it is truly great they have found a mode of expression which rings true to them.

We are told to always tell the truth. Did you eat that cake? Yes I did. Did you do something? Yes or no. These are easy.

What is the right thing to do if the truth is going to hinder, hurt or create doubt in someone or are you being helpful by revealing your truth.

Perhaps the truth is all truth exists in a dichotomy.

After much deliberation in my own little soul I came across this from all round good egg The Dalai Lama which seems to somehow represent the verdict that was given in court today and gives an answer to the painter puzzle.

“The true meaning of life. We are visitors on this planet. We are here for ninety or a hundred years at the very most. During that period, we must try to do something good, something useful with our lives. If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life”.

Answer = Be nice with the truth.



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Here We Are Now


I gig 4/5 nights a week. Singing my heart out in bars and venues across the south coast of the United Kingdom. I’m paid to provide the tunes whilst Ava and I work through the days on finishing our album as The Gravity Drive. Result. I get to play whatever I choose within a certain set of unspoken boundaries. So I’ll play as many of  my own songs as possible alongside songs people are spending their lives with.

I realise now that I have been serving an apprenticeship. Studying how well-known classics have an impact on people and why. I have been living inside of these songs by past and present masters. Learnt from them. Hid inside them.

I’ve seen how you can play it safe and give a crowd what they want, or how you can alienate or expose a crowd by being self-indulgent. I’ve worked out how you can win them back and lose them all over again. I’ve noticed how sometimes a risk is a dream come true, the room quiet and in your command and how it can also be a nightmare.

I’ve sometimes been present, sometimes a million miles away whilst performing but have always strived to do one thing whilst balancing the desire of a crowd, my own need to express and the debt of gratitude I owe to the person paying me for doing what I want in life. That one thing is to entertain.

Dirty word isn’t it.

I’m not talking costume changes, skidding across the floor or smoke machines, although frankly get in!

What I’m talking about is a sense of purpose within every moment of performance to heighten the communal experience of being together, performer and listener.

I’m not talking about some cheap tragic idea of ‘Fun’ entertainment. There is nothing worse than enforced fun.

I remember being on holiday as a kid in some restaurant in Cornwall where the waiters started singing to us and urging us to join them in some grotesquely branded, ‘ARE WE ALL HAVING FUN’ manner and feeling like weeping and that Uncle Bowie would never forgive me for this sin.

I’m not saying do what you’re told to do by a crowd. What I’m talking about is this. If you think you have the right to take a stage. Then take it. Make it yours but never forget who put you there or what you are there to do. Performance is a privilege. Paid performance is a duty.

And remember it is your job to literally entertain the people who are there no matter what it is you are doing or choosing to perform. It will and should take more from you then you ever thought was possible. I’m willing to bet that won’t change whether it’s a local bar, London glitterati type of club, The Royal Albert or Glastonbury. It will scare you, it will hurt you and leave you broken, breathless and alone but it’s the taking part that counts.

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The End


So 2012 you’re not over quite yet but I’m at that point where I want to let you go but realise you need to be held in my heart for a little reflection before you fall away into the abyss of memory.

You were a very creative and driven year. Ava and I started The Gravity Drive, released two records, made 2 pop videos, rehearsed ravishingly, formed an unplugged group for live shows, played our first BBC Introducing session, recorded our album, blogged till our hearts were content, I  started writing the 2nd album, played 273 gigs, heaps of radio sessions and went for a jog every day as Ava created worlds for our songs to live in.

You rewarded us 2012. ‘Push Your Luck’ and ‘Trick of the Light’ were played on BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing, BBC Devon and across 18 regional/commercial stations across the UK and Europe. Our music was played on Channel 4’s HollyOaks and soundtracked US basketball!

2012 you nearly knackered me out. For a while I was running on empty but you taught me to stay on course, to remain focused to galvanise and to commit to throwing everything I have at a project.  You taught me the responsibility of choice. You taught me to catch myself and look at myself in my mirror when what I was thinking or speaking was in a darkened tone.

2012, I’ll admit I am gullible or maybe prone to bouts of wayward imagination. The hype surrounding The End on the 21st December did distract me and I became somewhat aware of how I was choosing to spend each and every moment.

You made me realise what I have. You made me see the joy and comfort of having such a beautiful daughter and what she means to me and her significance and wonder. You also made me realise how lucky I am to have a soul mate to create with and who supports me and how valuable it is to have someone who will tell you the truth.

You made me realise I was wasting a lot time and energy fighting myself and taught me to re-focus and become clear. You whispered melodies to me as I set out on my morning run. You made me realise how much I need to be outside.

In your delivery of opportunity you lifted a weight of my shoulders and gave me room to smile again.

You provided me with a brilliant team for our album and some amazing fans and supporters,(too many to list right now),and taught me that the Pyramids were probably generators rather than tombs.

Musically speaking for me it was Lana, Grimes, Maccabees, Plan B and Bugg.

Breaking Bad!!!

So now you can fall away 2012. You have told me what I must do. You have shown me the way. Rest well. Perhaps come and visit every now and again. Don’t be sad. As one of my best friends at school once said before we parted ways…

‘It’s not goodbye, it’s hello’

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One of my favourite experiences as a lad was being driven by my parents back up north to see the family. The journey would take hours and we would leave after Dad had finished work.

I loved watching the day melt away into evening and how majestically night would arrive as cities of stone and industry hid themselves away leaving behind galaxies of street lights.

I loved pressing my face against the cold glass and looking up to the sky whose stars mirrored the lights below.

What I loved the most was as these changes to the world outside the car window were being applied it was all being soundtracked for me by someone on the radio playing records and suggesting moods, opening up my ears and heart to a universe of music.

I remember asking on one such journey why so many singers sang songs to their babies. My Mum explained that when a singer sang ‘baby’ they meant someone they were in love with.

I remember asking whether the Beatles had lots of singers as their voices keept changing.

I remember deciding Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics seemed quite scary and that every record Michael Jackson made was amazing and that I loved Blondie.

Radio became a best friend who would reveal revelations through melody.

What I love about radio is that it can blow your mind in a strange place or time.

‘Paranoid Android’ in a laundrette or ‘Firestarter’ at your nan’s house.

I now drive myself through the night and find myself back as that boy open to the world as the DJ hears it.

Inspired and influenced.

The young boy in me decided that the ultimate acheivement in life would be to have a song played in someone else’s car as they rode the motorways. Or to be the melody wandering across the neighbours fence. Or the tune that kick started a teenagers heart through their headphones.

I still agree with my younger self and am very happy and grateful that the songs Ava and I make together as The Gravity Drive have been soundtracking journeys, homes and hearts in some way across the airwaves.

So to all of the DJ’s that have given us a spin so far and all those who will again and those who have yet to do so I thank you from the bottom of my beating heart for making the wish of a daydreaming 6 year old come true.



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With A Little Help From Our Friends


Firstly we would like to say a massive THANK YOU for your support so far. Thank you for downloading ‘Push Your Luck’. It has been played on lots of regional radio stations and also on BBC 6 Music!

The Gravity Drive now been officially ‘Introduced’ on BBC 6. It is an important stepping stone for an independent record label such as ours as it is more likely that we will catch the attention of BBC Radio 1 and 2.

This Sunday we are releasing our debut single, ‘Trick of the Light’ as a FREE download for a limited time before its national release on Nov 5th.

‘Trick of the Light’ is getting a very positive response and has already been picked out and included in Tom Robinson’s Fresh on The Net Fave list and will be played on BBC 6 Music. All very exciting.

So on Sunday grab your free download from and check out the video we made in our shed.

Please share it on your Facebook and Twitter. Please ‘like’ the YouTube and leave your positive comments. This will help us more than you can imagine. The effect of your actions is immense, as an independent act we rely on word and mouth.

We are also very excited to announce that legendary producer Peter Schwier who has done a spectacular job on mixing and mastering ‘Push Your Luck’ and ‘Trick of the Light’ will be mixing our debut album due out in 2013.

You can help us further by emailing or tweeting the following D.J’s and asking for ‘Trick of the Light’ by The Gravity Drive to be played on their show.

Huw Stephens: Email: /  Twitter: @huwstephens

Zane Lowe: Email: /  Twitter: @zanelowe

Steve Lamacq: Email: / Twitter: @BBClamacqshow

Tom Robinson: Email: /  Twitter: @freshnet

Janice Long: Email:  /  Twitter: @janicelongdj
Thank you and Enjoy

Elijah and Ava x


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